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Martha Winslow

Martha Winslow

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10/09/15 02:39 PM #1    

Coleen Tooley (Oleski)

I really can't recall when I first met Martha--it seems she was always in my life.  Martha was a happy, friendly and fun person to be around.  In Junior High, we had an identical outfit-a white pleated skirt and a black and white polka dot blouse.  We felt really "cool" when we dressed alike!  At Batavia High, even though I gravitated to athletics and student government, and Martha toward Thespians, yearbook and World Affairs Club (she was much more well rounded than I !), we maintained our strong friendship throughout those years.  I have many fond memories of double dating, working together in C.L. Carr's, and lots of heart to heart talks.         Martha became ill during the Spring of our senior year.  That summer, she became more infirmed and since she was a practicing Christian Scientist, did not seek medical assistance.      Although Martha was too weak to attend college that Fall, she eventually went off to school, fell in love, got married and had a son.  I attended her wedding and kept in touch for awhile, but then our lives diverted.  How shocked and saddened I was to learn of her passing!       One of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn't stay in touch with Martha.                                  



10/10/15 01:02 PM #2    

Dorothy A McCurdy (Spear)

I too have fond memories of Martha Winslow--a great neighbor! We grew up together and played together . She lived just a few doors away.  It was a sad thing to hear of her passing. This past reunion has led me to realize how important it is to keep in touch with people--I too have regrets that I didn't keep in touch better with old friends. 

10/10/15 04:57 PM #3    

Allen B Chatt

I regret not knowing Martha very well, but I did want to congratulate Coleen and Dorothy on their moving tributes. We've all had those that we wish we hadn't lost touch with. With me, perhaps, it was Steve Carr.

10/13/15 10:59 AM #4    

Paul Minor

The saddest part of working on the web site this past year was coming across all the names of those classmates we have lost.  Many, I'm sorry to say, I didn't really know, but knew of, and when I went to post their picture or a newspaper article about them would say to myself - "Maybe I didn't know you very well, but always felt you were a great person; I'm sorry that I really didn't come to know you better.  It's sad, now that you are gone."

Let us not lose touch with each other now!

10/13/15 12:18 PM #5    

Carla J Petronio

I too can not remember the first time I met Martha, but I do remember the fun we had in American History class. Before class, she and I would sing the "King of the Road" song by Roger Miller that had just reached the top of the charts! When the teacher was not looking, we would turn to one another and mouth the words in silence. We would walk out of class laughing like two little children. I was devasted when hearing of her passing. She was so much fun and a great girl! It is indeed a shame that bad things happen to good people!

10/15/15 09:37 AM #6    

Georgia Pontillo (Woodring)


My favorite memories of Martha were of our Elvis Presley Fan Club. About 10 of us met every Saturday, wearing white sailor caps with 'Elvis' written across the front and 'Presley' on the back .  We laughed, danced, screamed and carried on to Tutti Fruity, then walked down Main Street thinking we were one cool bunch of girls.  Martha was always smiling and was a really sweet girl taken much too soon.  


10/16/15 11:03 AM #7    

Liz Johnson (Conway)

Martha's parents and my parents were good friends and her brothers and my brothers were good friends,too. So we did spend time together throughout our school years. She had a great smile and was easy to talk to.  She was a beautiful ballerina and took lessons from the famous Leanna Hausler of LeRoy. (Not sure that is the correct spelling of this woman's name) Martha was a good friend. When Martha was stricken with colitis, she was home, trying to regain her strength.  Martha and her Mother were Christian Scientists. Her Father was not. When fervent prayer and belief did not help and Martha weighed 85 pounds, Mr. Winslow picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the hospital. He said he wasn't going to watch his daughter die.  She rallied and went on to finish college, remarried, had a son and taught at LeRoy Elementary.  Colitis makes you susceptible to colon cancer, and that is what eventually took her life.  I do believe she had remained a Christian Scientist.  She is one of those friends that you occasionally ask yourself what your life would be like had she not died.

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