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Nelson R Chamberlain

Nelson R Chamberlain

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05/03/15 08:44 PM #1    

Douglas W Kalicki

I was sad to hear that Nelsom has passed. He was one of classiest guys in our class. He was nice and cordial to everyone and always presented himself well. I fondly remember him telling me that, at his previous school before he transferred to BHS, he was the last one to take a shower after a practice. He had just gotten all soaped up when the power and water shut off. I remember him telling me that he stood there for a few minutes just knowing that they would come back soon. Well, they didn't! He stumbled his way from the shower room to his locker bumping his knees into benches and toes into walls and lockers. He finally found his towel and dried himself off and got dressed. Just as he was leaving the locker room, everything came back on. I don't know why I remember that particular story of him, but that's what stuck. He laughed the entire time he was telling me about it. I had nothing but respect for him as a fellow classmate and know that he had a good life. Rest in Peace Nelson.

05/04/15 03:20 PM #2    

Allen B Chatt

I concur with Doug's sentiments. My story involves our gym class football team. This was prior to the school's insurance company discovering I was blind in one eye and would NOT allow my participation in any further sports except bowling and golf. Initially Nelson and I were misplaced - position-wise - on our team. We eventually worked things out, however, and I became QB and Nelson was an obvious choice at WR. Given this new configuration: Chamberlain made me look like Johnny Unitas. We had some very complicated plays: I'd drop back and Nelson would go deep ... didn't matter where I threw it, he'd make the catch. Coach V. was watching this every week and I could just tell that Briggs' job was in jeopardy :-) ! Any way, Nelson was, in my opinion, the most solid, mature member of our class. I can not imagine that he didn't have a happy life and distinguish himself in whatever he chose to give his life to. I did so look forward to seeing him again, but the Angels have him now and are damn lucky for it.

05/05/15 08:24 AM #3    

Liz Johnson (Conway)

To Doug and Allen,  (having posted comments about Nelson), here is what Peter Mumford found out and emailed me after "googling" Nelson.  "A life history in the form of an obituary, from Wiggins, Colorado, showed up and I wasn't sure it was him until it said he'd graduated from Batavia HS in '65'. 'Nick' had worked as a pastor and college professor. Wife, a sister and 3 daughters survivie.  His death was due to cancer - lymphoma.  He died July 13, 2011 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetary in Colorado Springs". 

I think you are right, both of you, that he was a gentle and caring man and his life shows how he had conducted himself, even at an early age.

05/05/15 03:20 PM #4    

Allen B Chatt

Appreciate the update Liz. Sounded as if he fulfilled all of our expectations. A sad and difficult demise, unfortunately.

07/31/15 02:29 AM #5    

Peter Mumford

I didn't know Nelson well, but, for awhile, we did both have part-time jobs at Carr's, and had some opportunities to talk.  My memory of Nelson is that some of the girls in our class were overheard saying they thought that he was handsome, and had a "deep, sexy voice".  For me, it was Nelson's smile, and his easy-going nature.  He just made people feel comfortable.

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