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Ronald Constantino

Ronald Constantino

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01/01/15 08:33 AM #1    

Georgia Pontillo (Woodring)

My beloved cousin, missed by all who loved to laugh.  

01/02/15 03:48 PM #2    

Robert Klein

I knew Ronny as a football player,and an occasional substitute employee at Pontillo's Pizzeria,one of my principal high school employers. Ronny was a half back,fast, first-string, a good receiver, not good order-taker,things became disorderly and fun when Ronny showed up,if Ronny showed up at all.I recall Ronnie bought Tony Kiel's prized 1957 (tourquoise & white) Chevy,babied,and tenderly cared for by Tony(not so much  by Ronnie). Ronny quickly searched for the limits of the '57 Chevy;how fast would it go;how quickly would it accelerate;how quickly would it stop?Tony,onthe other-hand revered the car and left the secret of its' limits to itself; I wonder what happened tothat car?,to Tony Kiel?,to Tony's girlfriend,the lovely.Alfrieda Strollo? to to Tony's brother,Charlie? to Ronnie's brother Vinnie?  Tonywas a left-handed quarterback, a favorite of Coach Van detta's,a notorious collector of sycophants,neither JimPastore,nor Ronnie(obviously) were in VanDetta's inner circle.

01/07/15 12:16 PM #3    

Allen B Chatt

Sorry to hear that Ronny has passed. My first memory of him was in 8th grade at the Ross Street School track. I thought I was FAST ... then, they matched me up against Ronny. End of my track career!


02/01/15 04:50 PM #4    

Georgia Pontillo (Woodring)

Bob, I have no idea what happened to Tony Keil's beloved car, but Tony lives in Fairport, where he owns TK's Pizzeria with his younger brother Mike. Tony married Freda Strollo, they had children together and are now divorced. Charlie Keil is still in the area, lives in Batavia or Rochester.  Sadly, Ronny's brother Vinny died much too young as well. Their sister Corinne (class of '66) lives in Canandaigua with her husband Tony Tepedino.  

07/31/15 08:48 AM #5    

Gary McManis

Ron’s sister Corinne (Tepedino) sent me this picture the other night knowing the reunion was coming up.  She didn’t want Ron to be forgotten.  She told me the picture was taken shortly before Ronny passed back in 2005.  Like the rest of our classmates, the time was much too soon. 

I don’t think I remember anyone whoever enjoyed life like Ronny did, always an impish smile on his face whether he was playing sports, teasing a classmate/teacher or just joking with my kids when they were young at Pontillo’s.  As an athlete, he may not have ever taken his natural abilities serious enough but as a teammate, one of the best I ever had.  I can still remember both Coach VanDetta and Coach Raines yelling at Ron at times for running the wrong way on a play – always very fast, but still the wrong way. :)  Always that smile hiding such a competitive nature.  I still recall in the 1970’s I played in a men’s basketball league together with Ronny Jim Pastore and Marty Galanti competing against their “older brothers’ – these tended to be some very interesting games.  (Tom Hoitink, Bob Warner, Pat Woodring played too, so the Class of ’65 was well represented against the classes of ’59 and ’60) 

I think Georgia’s post above sums Ronnie up perfectly “missed by all who loved to laugh”.  

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